The Kepler Files

A year in the making, this gorgeous full-color printed book described as "National Geographic goes to Space". It's a 94-page must-have, AI-powered photography story that takes you on a wild ride of discovery along the crew members of the Celestia as they travel
to Kepler-438 B through the eyes of its onboard AI.
This world-class imagery and storytelling is brought together by six of the most creative and forward-thinking leaders trailblazing the usage of AI technology to weave a new futuristic narrative.

En route to Kepler 438-B

The crew of the Celestia is on its way to explore exoplanet Kepler 438-B to collect data and to document its newly discovered habitats. This is the first collection of received files, logs and images, which can now be shared with you in a full-colour hardcover printed book.

The Earth we left behind

“The fjords were gone, New York had canals instead of streets and Venice had disappeared underwater. Cities like Amsterdam adjusted, as they always did, to the rising levels of the sea, and stayed afloat.”

Life onboard

“Workstations are alive with data, the hum of machinery at 50 decibels, a symphony of science unfolding in real-time across the
stars. The crew must wear protective in-ear equipment at all times."

A long journey

“Dreams are monitored, data collected—a digital tapestry of the subconscious at rest. Technology cradles the crew’s mental health carefully, awaiting the touch of consciousness.”SCRIBE log, onboard AI

"A must-have book!"

Be among the first to immerse yourself in a groundbreaking art book that captures the essence of this cosmic adventure, blending cutting-edge AI tools with traditional print in a documentary-like format.